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Peace of mind starts with a thoughtful process

The financial services industry is filled with “experts” doling out advice based on data and dollars—both what the numbers say, and what they think is going to be most profitable for them. Data may help make more informed decisions, but it does not tell the full story or consider the people behind the numbers.


Vulcan Consultants uses a more holistic approach to portfolio management that blends quantitative factors, such as bond analytics and market data, with qualitative factors, such as the unique goals of your municipality and the ideological infrastructure of your organization. This balanced, customized process helps provide greater protection and peace of mind.

Our process

Understanding your organization

Before we make any recommendations, we take the time to understand your organization from the ground up. This means studying not only your current investments, but also the larger context. For example, what has worked in the past, and what has fallen short? What needs are not being met in terms of cash flow? What other dynamics are you balancing? This exploration ensures that every recommendation is tailored to the specific goals of your municipality.

Actively monitoring and adapting

Instead of passively managing portfolios with a “buy and hold” strategy, we actively make adjustments on an ongoing basis when your needs, the market, or other conditions change. This adaptive approach helps optimize the relationship between safety, liquidity, and return to ensure your investments are meeting your organization’s and taxpayers’ needs. We’ve found that this process often allows us to minimize multiple forms of risk, such as price volatility and liquidity risk, while reducing costs and saving time. Plus, with Vulcan’s transparent communication and educational approach, you’ll always have a thorough understanding of your portfolio, investment strategy, and how they support your goals.

Establishing an optimal posture

Taking internal considerations and market conditions into account, we craft a simple, effective financial strategy for your city. Unless extraordinary circumstances warrant exploring alternatives, we highly favor investing in U.S. Treasuries and Treasury EFTs, as this is a proven approach that tends to greatly reduce risk while performing well in any interest rate environment.

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